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These terms of use set forth the basis on which you are permitted to access and use Israpay’s website and services (“Israpay Services”). Please read the terms of use carefully before using the Israpay Services. By accessing and using Israpay Services in any way, including, without limitation, browsing this website, you agree to and are bound by the terms of use described herein. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein, do not use or access Israpay’s website or services in any manner. Israpay reserves the right to update these Terms of Use at any time without the requirement of any prior notice to you.


You may not use Israpay Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by applicable law or the terms and conditions provided herein or in any other manner that could damage, disable, overburden or otherwise impair Israpay’s website, the content therein or interfere with any other person’s use and enjoyment of Israpay Services. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the paid services offered on Israpay’s website. You may not obtain any materials or information through third parties or any other means not intentionally made available to you through Israpay’s Services.


Copyright in all content on this site is owned by Israpay. No materials on this site may be copied, reproduced, stored, altered, photocopied, uploaded or further distributed in any way without our prior written permission. Reproduction, in whole, or in part, of the site or any of the products herein, is strictly prohibited. Requests for permission should be sent in writing to Israpay at the address below:

P.O. Box 44429
Jerusalem 91443

The above withstanding, Israpay permits users and visitors to the site to send a link to an article or post on the site, via social media or email to third parties.


This website may contain links to third party websites. Israpay is not responsible in any manner for the content of such websites and, moreover, makes no recommendation or endorsement as to such websites or the products or services offered thereon.


Israpay strongly discourages use of spam and does everything in it’s power to ensure a spam free website. Spam comments posted can and will be tracked and should a subscriber, paid or not, be found to post or attempt to post spam on the site, their subscription will be rendered void and Israpay holds sole discretion as to whether the said users be blocked or banned from the site and it’s services.  Violation of the terms of use as provided herein, and Israpay is entitled to obtain injunctive relief against any such transmission and/or damages caused by such action (in addition to all other remedies available by law or in equity).


You acknowledge and agree that material on the website may be subject to certain export laws and regulations. Diversion of such material contrary to any applicable export law and/or regulation is prohibited. You agree that none of the material on the website, nor any direct product there from, is being or will be acquired for, shipped, transferred, or re-exported, directly or indirectly, to proscribed or embargoed countries or their nationals.


This site is offered AS IS and without warranties of any kind. Israpay disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose as well as title or non-infringement. Israpay is not responsible for timeliness, accuracy, unavailability or interruptions in availability, viruses or other defects in the site or its contents. In no event shall Israpay be held responsible for any damages to users or their computer systems or otherwise, even if Israpay has been informed of the possibility of such damages and without regard to negligence. While Israpay does it’s best to ensure that the material on the site is updated and accurate, in any case of contradictory material, the wording of the law always takes precedence and Israpay will not be held responsible in any way or manner for damages, fees, fines or other monetary losses due to the use of any information on the site by you and/or any entity and/or person arising from and/or related/connected to any use of the Israpay services and this website, even if Israpay is advised of the possibility of such damages, fees, fines or other monetary losses.


Israpay provides Legal Information which is not legal advice. Legal information informs you of the law and your rights but does not advise you what course of action to take for your situation. Legal advice is what lawyers provide. Israpay is not an attorney and cannot represent you in court. If you have a serious legal problem we suggest that you consult an attorney. Israpay does not provide legal advice and cannot recommend a lawyer/ law firm.


Without derogating from anything else contained herein, you hereby acknowledge that any and all risk from the use of, or performance of the Israpay services and this website is yours alone. Moreover, to the maximum extent permissible by applicable law, Israpay, it’s officers, directors, owners, employees, all shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use, or inability to use the services and this website, including but not limited to, for any loss or damage to business earnings, lost profits or goodwill and lost or damaged data or documentation, suffered by you and/or any entity and/or person arising from and/or related/connected to any use of the Israpay services and this website, even if Israpay is advised of the possibility of such damages.


Your use of the Israpay Services and these terms of use shall be governed in all respects by the law of the State of Israel, without giving effect to its conflict of laws provisions, and not by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. You agree that any action brought against Israpay arising out of or relating to the Israpay Services or these terms of use may be brought only before the courts of Jerusalem, Israel.

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