Employer Services

Do your payslips conform to the mandatory regulations ?
An independent third party assessment of your payslips can save you unnecessary warnings, fines and prosecution in court for violation of mandatory regulations as well as unnecessary lawsuits by employees, due to these infractions of the law. Have your payroll analyzed by a certified senior payroll professional and avoid all the headache and trouble !

Are you outsourcing your payroll and paying a bundle for it ?

It may pay for you to do payroll in-house, save money and have all the reports and data you need on hand when you need it, without depending on an outside source to get it to you when they “get around to it”

      IsraPay has years of expert experience in successfully setting up payroll departments from scratch. We do this with our dedicated unbiased approach to get you the best possible results for your needs.
      Or you may opt for Israpay to do your payroll for you. We are very highly service oriented, keen on details and readily available when you need to contact us and deliver high quality output in a timely manner.

Are you doing manual jobs – such as ledger entry for payroll or update of time sheet info into payroll ?

Most computer programs can speak to other programs, such as time-sheet programs to payroll programs and payroll programs to bookkeeping programs.

Optimizing these programs to interact with each other will not only save you precious time and money but also be more accurate.

We also offer these services:

  • Evaluation of utilization of existing programs – recommendations for maximum utilization.
  • Instruction for end-users of payroll programs.
  • Evaluation of company needs and compatibility of existing payroll program to those needs.
  • Complete payroll services as a permanent discrete solution or as a temporary fill-in for absent payroll Accountant (maternity leave, etc)
  • Mini-seminars on various issues – see section in menu or contact for more details.
  • Consultation regarding Labor laws – know what you are obligated to pay your employees and what you aren’t. Learn how to take control and do everything by the book without risking unnecessary law suits, fines or even imprisonment for violation of laws and regulations ! There are no excuses: “I didn’t know”, “We just opened up”, “Our lawyer/CPA never informed us” won’t cut it with the Ministry of Economy’s Dept. of Regulation of Labor Laws.

Register now for your consultation session at the location of your choice in Jerusalem*.

There are several payment options:
1) payment in advance. Upon receipt of payment, you will be contacted for convenient appointment scheduling.
2) Contact via email for price quote, upon receipt of signed agreement to terms you will be contacted for convenient appointment scheduling.
In all cases, an invoice bill will be issued and of course a receipt upon payment. There is no V.A.T. nor withheld tax, appropriate documents will be provided with the invoice.

*Consultations outside of Jerusalem are available at additional cost to cover transportation time and expense.

For more information contact moshe.israpay@gmail.com