Useful Information

Useful Sites

Israpay is happy to recommend the following resources for olim, as well as native Israelis!

AACI – Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel Organization of North American Olim

Jobmob Excellent site of advice and articles for job searchers

Israel’s Social Security (National Insurance Institute)

Israel Tax Authority

Ministry of Economics (Trade, Industry and Labor)
Labor Laws in English (this is a “non-official version” and is in legal terms as well)

Loss of work ability specialist Daphna Pe’er

VOLEH – Volunteer Legal Aid

Israel Labor Courts (site is in Hebrew)

Tax simulator for salaried employees:

Negative Tax Stipend Simulator:

Essential Phone Numbers & contact information

Labor Courts

Jerusalem Region
20 Beit Hadfus st. (Dona tower)  Givat Shaul  Tel: 02-654-6444   Fax: 02-654-6412 

Tel-Aviv Region 03-5128222
Be’er Sheva Region 08-6470444
Haifa Region 04-8698000
National Labor Court 02-6497777

National central hotline: 077-270-3333

Israel Tax Authority


Government Employment Service
Sherut Ha’ta’asuka

Public Appeals 02-6752405

Ministry of Economics

Commissioner of Work Relations 03-5634212
Commissioner of Women’s Labor Law 03-5634209
Switchboard Operator 03-5634111
Labor Law Enforcement Manager (toll-free voice mail) 1-800-354-354
List of employers to whom financial sanctions were imposed due to failure to comply with labor laws and regulations:

Institute of National Insurance
Bituach Leumi (Social Security)

[Please note that most of the departments at Bituach Leumi are not very service oriented and only take calls a few hours a week. Those who are not satisfied with the service can always transfer to another service provider ! – j.k. But seriously, the best way to correspond with Bituach Leumi (from personal experience) is either by Fax or Registered mail. There are also drop boxes outside the branches – just make sure you photocopied everything before you deposit it in the box and include a cell phone #, they will send an sms that they received it].

National Call Center *6051 or 08-9369696 , 08-6509999
Main Office (operator) 02-6709211

Jerusalem Branch Office
Maternity Leave Dept. 02-6709313
Reserve Army Duty Dept. 02-6709721
Employer Bankruptcy Dept. 02-6463020
Old age & surviving relatives Dept. 02-6709378
Unemployment Dept. 02-6709616
Work Related Accidents Dept. 02-6709693
Insurance & Collection Administration 02-6709501