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I just got off the phone with Moshe at Israpay and I want to say that he was amazing and that he helped save me time and most likely a lot of money. I had questions about being a new self employed freelance technician and Moshe was very knowledgeable about the tax environment in Israel and was able to provide me with the options that were available and steer me in the right direction about how to set myself up for tax purposes. I highly recommend speaking with him of you have any finance questions and check out his website israpay.com for additional resources.
Thanks Moshe!

Dan W April 4, 2013

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Moshe Egel-Tal


13 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hey there, You’ve done an excellent job on this site ! I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend it to my
    friends. I’m sure they will benefit from this website. Keep up the good work !

  2. Thorough, professional and courteous service”
    I Would like to warmly commend Moshe who saw me through, in the toughest situation helping me receive what I was due from my former employer. I have benefited greatly from his thorough professionalism, knowledge of labor laws, in the most minute of details and friendly support all along. His integrity is one of a kind. You are definitely in good hands. I was fortunate to find him – thank you Moshe !

  3. Incredibly knowledgeable
    Moshe was a life saver in a difficult situation. His knowledge of Israeli payroll and labor law is extensive and his ability to help find solutions is remarkable. Most importantly, he is friendly, professional and easy to work with. I would recommend Moshe to anyone in need of expert payroll and labor law advise.

  4. Excellent Service from Moshe
    I have had the pleasure of receiving the counsel of Moshe Egel-Tal on several occasions, going back to my days at IDT and more recently regarding several payroll and Bituach Leumi issues. His advice, recommendations and counsel have always been timely, accurate, extremely helpful and presented in a very caring, understanding and empathic manner. I highly recommend Moshe and Israpay to anyone seeking counsel on payroll and labor law issues.

  5. I have found Moshe to possess an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the laws in Israel as far as employee rights are concerned and his ability to impart this knowledge in a clear and understandable manner has made him a frequent lecturer on this subject at the AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel).”

  6. I want to thank you for your consultations and advice, both by email and in person. Although much of the information is available, on the internet, and from hearsay, it is most reassuring to have a professional review the specific case, and advise accordingly. It took a lot of the tension off of me. In my case, a situation of potential “hara’at tnaim” was swept under the rug, only to reappear some months later. Because I was equipped with proper procedure, from our first email correspondence, I knew how to proceed, what my rights were, what to do and what to ask for, etc. It enabled me to act in a positive, professional way, and with self confidence. When it was clear that I would be leaving the job, I still had a number of questions, which you answered patiently and professionally both by email and then at a personal meeting. I am not finished with all the red-tape but feel assured that all will work out ok. It is very reassuring to know that I am aware of my rights, and that if I have a question, I can still contact you and you will be available.

    I would strongly recommend anyone going through an employment related problem to contact Moshe. You wont be sorry!

  7. Moshe is a skilled accountant, highly professional with an impressive familiarity of relevant laws and procedures at his fingertips. He has an almost uncanny robot-like ability to process numbers and data, but is also very service-oriented.

  8. Moshe has an eye for details and accuracy matched by few people. He was always professional in his work and disposition even while under great pressure and time-bound deadlines. Moshe gets the job done!

  9. Moshe was able to take on the challenge of streamlining the in-house payroll system and worked meticulously to maximize the database systems in place. A details-man, Moshe was also able to keep the big picture in mind. He is personable and a pleasure to work with, and possesses a strong service orientation– Moshe was always available to employees for any payroll related questions they had.

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